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A perfect skincare with the combination of superfood and Colostrum ingredients. We provide rich and rich nutrition with the activated colostrum that only Farmskin offers. More than 82 bioactive components found in colostrum. Superfood, the gift of nature for health recognized by people all around the world! The Superfood for skin series help your skin to become healthier and fresher with superfoods that were recognized across the world and various nature derived ingredients.

Tomato Salad Package recharge your skin with fresh overflowing vital energy!

Carrot Salad Package respect the poreless package?s fascinating effects!

Avocado Salad Package hydrated, mochi-like soft skin!

Coconut Salad Package add glow and sparkle to dull and cheerless skin!

-Healthier and moist skin with the combination of golden recipes containing carefully selected superfoods and 5 different ingredients good for the skin.

-Cruelty free product that did not engage in animal testing.

-Naturally-derived Eucalyptus fabric facial mask sheet which is 100% bio-degradable.

-Two different types of product, essence/cream, are available depending on the skins needs.

-Colostrum exclusively provided by Farmskin ensures perfect care with? function essential for your skin.

-Extra 2B + complex, optimized for skin moisturization and protection, completely nourishes the skin.

Extra 2B+Complex, the combination of 5 components optimized for skin moisturization and protection, delivers healthy, rich nutrients to your skin.

-Beta Glucan helps skin moiturization, soothing and health

-Hyaluronic Acid helps to preserve and provide skin with moisture

-Kelp extract help skin barrier protection and improvement of nutrient absorption

-Eclipta Prostrata leaf extract helps protect skin from external irritation

-Betaine helps skin moisturization and management of water and oil balance

Comfortable, soft and skin-friendly skin care! It provides comfortable ,soft and mild skin care by excluding 6 harmful ingredients.

-Triethanolamine free

-Methylparaben free

-Butyparaben free

-Ethanole free

-Benzophenone-3 free

-Talc free

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Apr 30, 2021

Everything is perfect. I would recommend!

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