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  • Cellact Synergy of DNA - PREMIUM BIO CELLULAR CONCENTRATE (6 ampoules x 5ml)
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THB 3,664.40

Known as the Golden Drop which serves as a powerful and effective treatment in achieving youthful skin complexion. Formulated with premium active ingredients of Cucumis sativus cell extract, biotin, DNA and sodium hyaluronate. The combination of these effective active ingredients aids in enhancing deep hydration and promotes cell repair to allow the skin to return to its youthful texture.

Most suitable for premature ageing, and ageing skin conditions.

6 ampoules x 5 ml ℮ / 0.2 fl. oz.

Direction for use
Apply over cleansed skin of face and neck until fully absorbed followed by your choice of moisturiser.

Aqueous fluid gel, translucent, light gold in colour, scented with allergen-free fragrance.

The Golden Drop of Perfection
An exclusive product that carries out the properties of its active ingredients effectively to deliver youthful skin complexion like no other.

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Apr 30, 2021

Everything is perfect. I would recommend!

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